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Where members become friends with other Apple product users, get questions answered and have a lot of fun. Membership is for everyone from first-time computer users to experts—from every profession, background and age. For anyone who wants technology to do more for them.

Meeting Format

6:00 – Group Question & Answer – 30 minutes (Optional) 6:30 – Main Program – 1 hr 7:30 – Announcements – 10 minutes 7:45 – Q&A – 15 minutes plus

2017 Club Officers

President / Webmaster: Mike Turek
Vice President: Dave Kuchenbecker
Remote Advisor: Shea Turek
Treasurer: Dave Daniels
Secretary: Diane Hagan
Correspondence: Linda Grishaber
Apple Ambassadors: John Kading

Upcoming Events


Just come to one of our meetings or email one of the officers.


Membership Dues

$12 per year (every January)